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T-shirt Business Profit Margin Calculator [Free Excel File Download]


profit calculator spreadsheet in google sheets

If you're looking to start (or already own) a t-shirt business you need to get your finances in order. After looking around the web we were frustrated that most t-shirt business calculators were missing key calculations like returns, credit card fees, and packaging costs.

Get the File:

📁Download the calculator as a Excel File or Google Sheets File

Fill out the spreadsheet. 

Add your assumptions to the green cells (first two sections). The items in each category are as follows:

1) Cost of Goods Sold Variables

  • Sale price of one t-shirt
  • Cost of one t-shirt
  • Cost to ship one t-shirt
  • Cost of packaging
  • Credit Card fees

2) Monthly Variables 

  • Number of t-shirts you will sell monthly
  • Number of refunds & returns a month
  • Website hosting fee monthly

3) Projections

  • Revenue Monthly
  • Costs Monthly
  • Monthly Profit Projection
  • Profit Margin
  • Yearly Profit Projection

With this information, you can make more informed decisions on pricing and how costs will affect your business model. Starting a t-shirt business can be tough but with scale, you can see great returns.