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Geo Knight Heat Presses

For over a century, Geo Knight (sometimes incorrectly called George Knight heat presses) has been the leading manufacturer of industrial printing equipment. Their state-of-the-art heat presses allow you to transfer your designs to a variety of garments and other materials with utmost precision and ease. Simply place the materials on the pad and you’ll have your product ready in a matter of moments.

Geo Knight heat presses provide optimum temperature and pressure to ensure high-quality printing on all types of material. Each heat press allows you to adjust the temperature to your preferences, while the built-in gauge lets you monitor the temperature throughout the printing process. You’ll never have to deal with fried transfers again, thanks to the integrated digital timer.

HeatPressFun offers a wide selection of Geo Knight products. Here you’ll find the latest models of Geo Knight heat presses at very affordable prices. We also have a range of accessories you can use to print on mugs and caps, as well as special cube attachments that allow for a continuous image wrap. On top of that, we also offer replacement parts, upgrades, and stands.