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Mug Heat Presses

Coffee mugs make for excellent gifts for any occasion and are always among the top-selling products in gift shops around the world. As such, they are a must for any serious transfer business. But to print designs onto a mug, you need a good heat press machine designed for that specific purpose.

HeatPressFun has a great selection of mug heat press machines from top manufacturers like Geo Knight, Ricoma iKonix, and Rincons. All these machines can transfer detail onto the standard 11oz and 15oz cups, while some can also handle 16oz mugs. Depending on the model, you can also receive accessories that will allow you to print on latte mugs and aluminum water bottles.

These heat press machines have a horizontal cup holder that will hold the mug firmly in place throughout the process. They also give you the option to center your design either horizontally or vertically. If you already have a standard Geo Knight DC16 heat press machine, you can save money by buying a mug attachment. Simply plug it into your existing machine and start transferring your designs onto mugs.