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15 x 15 Heat Press Machines

If you need a heat press machine that can press medium-sized details onto variety garments, a 15”x15” press is a perfect choice. These machines have two square-shaped platens that press onto different materials and deliver high-quality transfers in just a few minutes. The 15”x15” dimensions are the industry standard, which is why these machines are also great for newcomers to the transfer business.

These machines are usually lightweight and rather compact, which also makes them very portable. The large heating areas on both platens ensure an even distribution of heat across the working area. So even if your designs don’t cover the whole area, you will get high-quality transfers that preserve their rich and vibrant colors.

In our catalog, you’ll find a wide range of 15”x15” heat press machines from the top manufacturers in the industry. Here you can find a good model for your personal or professional needs at a very affordable price. Based on your preferences, you can opt for either clamshell or swing-away heat press machine models. Many of them also include separate warranties on parts, labor, and heating elements.