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20 x 25 Heat Presses

If you’re looking for a heat press machine that can transfer very large designs onto garments and other flat surfaces, you may need a 20”x25” heat press machine. These are the largest models we offer and are an excellent choice for apparel businesses. Due to their large size, they are incredibly easy to use. Just load the garment onto the lower platen, choose your preferred settings, and you’re good to go.

HeatPressFun has an extensive collection of 20”x25” heat press machines from top manufacturers. The swing-away design is very convenient, not only because it gives you more working space but also because it helps prevent unwanted heat exposure. Some of these machines also have interchangeable platens that allow you to use smaller surfaces to print on pockets, legs, and sleeves.

Because these models are much heavier than smaller ones, they are also not very portable. To bypass this limitation, all you need is a sturdy and reliable heat press machine stand. Luckily, the Geo Knight 20”x25” machines already come with a stand, while you can buy specially designed stands for other models in our store.