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Rincons Heat Press Machines

Los Angeles-based Rincons is an importer and manufacturer of heat press machines and other related equipment. Known for their affordable prices and high quality, Rincons heat presses are very popular with small businesses and gift shops throughout the United States. Made of solid steel, these presses are highly durable. Depending on their size, most of them are also portable, thus allowing for easier use wherever and whenever you may need them.

Rincons makes both clamshell and swing-away models of heat press machines. Each model is easily adjustable to accommodate all the different materials you may want to use, as well as to allow for more working space. The majority of their models give you the option to adjust the pressure and the temperature to your preference. You can also time the transfer to prevent frying.

HeatPressFun provides an extensive range of Rincons heat press machines and the corresponding accessories. Here you’ll find mug and cap presses, plate press machines, as well as tag and label presses. If you prefer to use flash dryers, you’ll also find them here.