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Ricoma & iKonix Heat Press

Ricoma is a US-based manufacturer of various embroidery tools. Their iKonix line of heat press machines is particularly popular among gift shop owners due to its wide range of models for many different uses. Each model has built-in electronic controls and LCD displays that allow for easier use. You can also adjust the pressure and temperature and time the transfer process for more accurate results.

Ricoma manufactures several large clamshell press machines that vary in size. You can use them to print on a variety of materials, including T-shirts and other garments. All these presses have a convenient auto-open feature, which not only adds to the safety but also allows you to save time on high-volume printing tasks. The iKonix line also features plenty of models designed for transfers on specific materials – mugs, caps, plates, tags, and labels.

At HeatPressFun, you’ll find a variety of products from Ricoma’s renowned iKonix line. We offer both single- and double-station models, as well as multifunctional heat press machines. Here you can also find durable stands for the iKonix clamshell presses.