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Insta Graphic Systems Heat Presses

Insta Graphic is one of the top manufacturers of heat presses geared toward the graphic industry. The company has made it its goal to meet the needs of industry insiders by manufacturing presses for a variety of high-volume printing tasks that ensure the best quality possible. To achieve this, they have developed a unique system that generates and distributes high pressure evenly throughout the upper and lower platens.

Although they also make clamshell presses, most of their latest models utilize the swing-away design. Made from cast aluminum, Insta Graphic heat presses are extremely durable and easy to handle. Each model has interchangeable platens with built-in heating elements underneath to ensure optimum distribution of heat. They also have a digital timer and temperature control options to prevent fried transfers.

HeatPressFun offers a wide selection of Insta Graphic heat presses, including their renowned Model 728, also known as the “workhorse.” You can also find a range of digital and pneumatic label presses, including the dual-station model that allows for 24/7 high-speed label application.