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16 x 24 Heat Presses

A 16”x24” heat press machine can transfer very large designs onto a range of fabrics and other different materials. Because it has a 20 percent larger surface area than a 16”x20” model, it is usually also heavier, which allows for an even distribution of pressure across the surface. Our collection of 16”x24” heat press machines includes high-quality models from industry leaders like Ricoma iKonix and Rincons. All the machines in our collection have large frames built from extremely durable materials to allow for optimum pressure. Each has a base board that handles very high temperatures and protects the materials during the process. This way, you’ll get excellent transfers while the color of the materials will remain unchanged. You can use these heat press machines to enhance your T-shirts and other garments with colorful designs. You can also use them to transfer designs onto a variety of different flat surfaces, like ceramic tiles, bags, license plates, and mouse pads. In addition to this, each model comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty on all parts.